Forest Mist - Serving suggestions - Forest Mist whisky cream

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There are many ways to enjoy Forest Mist whisky cream.
Is is the best when slightly chilled or with some icecubes.

You can also combine the nice and gentle taste of Forest Mist whisky cream with other flavours; some serving suggestions are:

Forest Mist
Irish coffee dessert

30 ml Forest Mist whiksy cream liqueur
30 ml Irish whiskey
1 cup of coffee (black)
whipped cream

Mix the Forest Mist whisky cream, the Irish whiskey and the coffee together in a high heat-resistant glass mug.
Add the whipped cream (preferable sweetened whipped cream) on top.
To give it a nice touch: Sprinkle cacao powder over the whipped cream or a nut on top of it.
Serve with a long teaspoon and enjoy!
Please enjoy responsibly.

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